Top 10 Philadelphia, PA Tech Companies for Your Business

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As Philadelphia continues to draw more workers and businesses, so do the city’s tech scene. As a result, the number of Philadelphia startups and tech companies has been growing exponentially lately. Luckily, this can benefit tech geeks looking for jobs and companies looking to shift into an IT-focused business strategy.

Many companies today support business technology integration as many benefits come with it. An example of these benefits is the efficiency that it brings to the whole business process. Aside from that, the growing tech talent can also take advantage of this boom of tech companies.

Whether you’re looking for a tech company to elevate your business or to start your entry into the tech industry, we’ve got you covered! This article lists the top 10 reliable tech companies in Philadelphia that have proven to be the best in their industry.

10 Best Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Tech Companies That Are Innovating the World

1. Avantor

Philadelphia Tech Companies: Avantor Logo
Philadelphia Tech Companies: Avantor Facebook Post
ServicesLab and production, clinical, procurement and sourcing, lab equipment, commercial kitting, digital solutions, and downstream optimization
Location100 Matsonford Rd #200, Radnor, PA 19087, United States
Operation HoursMonday – Friday (8.00 AM to 5.00 PM), Saturday – Sunday (Closed)
Phone+1 888-320-4357
Email[email protected]

Established in 1853, Avantor is a biotechnology business that creates cutting-edge technology innovations for the pharmaceutical, healthcare and applied materials industries. It is a reliable provider and partner to customers from discovery to delivery. 

Furthermore, Avantor is a multinational company with operations in more than 30 nations worldwide! Due to its large size, Avantor deserves to be on this list of the leading Philadelphia tech companies.

Additionally, the company empowers client success through innovation, cGMP production, and extensive service offerings. Its varied product range totals more than four million! Essentially, they put science in motion to make a better future.


Philadelphia Tech Companies: EPAM Logo
EPAM Facebook Post
ServicesConsulting, design, engineering, operation, and optimization
Location41 University Dr #202, Newtown, PA 18940, USA
Operation HoursMonday – Friday (Open 24 hours)
Phone+1 609-759-9000
Email[email protected]

EPAM is a pioneer in developing physical and digital products and digital platform engineering services. This corporation has been leading the market since 1993 by leveraging its expertise in sophisticated software engineering.

As one of the world’s technology services organizations with the quickest growth, EPAM can assist you in navigating complexity and expanding your company’s setup. This sets EPAM apart from other tech companies as they strive for an extraordinary degree of intensity, innovative ideas, customer-focused interactions, and top-notch solutions.

3. CDI Engineering Solutions

Philadelphia Tech Companies: CDI Corporation Logo
CDI Corporation Facebook Post
ServicesEngineering, marketing, construction management, and hiring
Location100 N 18th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103, United States
Operation HoursMonday – Friday (8.00 AM to 6.00 PM), Saturday – Sunday (Closed)
Phone+1 215-569-2200
Email[email protected]

Established in 1950, CDI Engineering Solutions is a technology and engineering company that provides services to the infrastructure, energy, and chemical industries. CDI Engineering Solutions aims to produce outstanding results by providing solutions based on highly qualified talent.

This outstanding corporation has developed strong connections with clients from various sectors as they constantly deliver comprehensive, cutting-edge solutions while working with utmost integrity and transparency. The quality of their work is why CDI Engineering Solutions deserves a spot in this list of the best tech companies in Philadelphia.

4. Unisys

Philadelphia Tech Companies: Unisys Logo
Unisys Facebook Post
ServicesCommunication, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, public sector, retail, higher education, travel, and transportation
Location801 Lakeview Dr, Blue Bell, PA 19422, United States
Operation HoursMonday – Friday (8.00 AM to 5.00 PM), Saturday – Sunday (Closed)
Phone+1 267-759-9000
Email[email protected]

As a global leader in the IT sector, Unisys provides software and information management services to businesses in the telecommunications, financial, manufacturing, and healthcare sectors. Since its founding in 1886, Unisys has worked to enhance information access while preserving data security and boosting system performance.

Over the years, the company has improved the world with an unwavering commitment by introducing technical innovation to businesses and governments worldwide. As one of the most reckoned tech companies in Philadelphia, Unisys is dedicated to positively impacting communities through corporate philanthropy.

5. Carpenter Technology Corporation

Philadelphia Tech Companies: Carpenter Technology
Carpenter Technology Corporation: Philadelphia, PA Tech Companies
ServicesAerospace, transportation, consumer, defense, energy, industrial and medical
Operation HoursMonday – Friday (9.00 AM to 5.00 PM), Saturday – Sunday (Closed)
Location1735 Market Street, 15th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone+1 610-208-2000
Email[email protected]

Founded in 1889, Carpenter Technology Corporation has a long history of developing unique alloys and production procedures to meet the demands of its customers. This corporation is known for promoting innovation in the tech industry through its specialized products, support services, and quality control procedures.

Plus, the company is set to increase its potential and establish new benchmarks for the tech industry. Those looking to break into the tech industry in Philadelphia are welcome to start with companies as reputable as Carpenter Technology. Carpenter Technology Corporation offers various job opportunities ranging from data scientist to manufacturing engineer.

6. Data-Core Systems Inc.

Philadelphia Tech Companies: Data-Core Systems Inc. Logo
Data-Core Systems Inc. Facebook Post
ServicesNew age automation, analytics, application, revenue cycle management, cloud, business process, blockchain, and consulting
Location1500 John F Kennedy Blvd # 624, Philadelphia, PA 19102
Operation HoursMonday – Sunday (9.00 AM to 10.00 PM)
Phone+1 215-243-1990
Email[email protected]

Data-Core Systems Inc. began as a network storage business in 1988 and has since grown to provide cutting-edge virtualization, AI, and cloud infrastructure services for businesses. They are a reputable partner with a strong commitment to client satisfaction, combining technical innovation, business process know-how, and a diverse, cooperative workforce that represents the workplace of the future.

The company provides round-the-clock help and has offices in Philadelphia, Bristol, Las Vegas, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Dubai. Data-Core Systems provides ground-breaking technological solutions by fusing technology, innovation, and a truly global, collaborative workforce that represents the future of work.


Philadelphia Tech Companies: STRATIS IoT Logo
STRATIS IoT Facebook Post
ServicesCleanTech, commercial real estate, enterprise software, hospitality, InsurTech, intelligent systems, property management, residential and software
Location4230 Main St, Philadelphia, PA 19127
Operation HoursMonday – Friday (9.00 AM to 5.00 PM), Saturday – Sunday (Closed)
Phone+1 844-787-2847
Email[email protected]

STRATIS IoT is a technology firm that develops and uses the equipment and infrastructure for smart housing units in the real estate development and utility industries. It creates modules for security, energy use, utility meter monitoring, lighting, and climate control. 

The goal of STRATIS is to lower the carbon footprint of commercial and residential buildings globally by improving resource and energy efficiency. STRATIS IoT uses its innovations in commercial, lodging, multifamily, residential, and dormitory contexts. It is also creating agricultural applications for its technologies for managing and monitoring indoor utilities.

8. FORT Robotics

Philadelphia Tech Companies: FORT Robotics Logo
FORT Robotics Website Image
ServicesCyber security, industrial automation, robotics, and security
Location1608 Walnut St Floor 12, Philadelphia, PA 19103
Operation HoursMonday – Friday (9.00 AM to 6.00 PM), Saturday – Sunday (Closed)
Phone+1 267-515-5880
Email[email protected]

A Philadelphia-based firm, FORT Robotics, creates software and robotics with a focus on safety for artificial intelligence technology. The business develops protections for autonomous machines to lower risks, guard against AI flaws, and enhance the security of equipment that runs independently. 

Cloud connection, remote communication, and wireless emergency stop options are just a few of the features FORT Robotics builds into its devices. The goal of FORT is to maximize automation’s potential through expediting research, lowering risk, and fostering confidence in autonomous systems.

9. Sabre Systems

Philadelphia Tech Companies: Sabre Systems Logo
Sabre Systems Facebook Image
ServicesNetwork engineering, cyber security, web design & development, analysis, acquisition, risk management, data consolidation, and virtualization
Location125 County Line Road, Suite 180, Warminster, PA 18974
Operation HoursMonday-Friday (8.00 AM to 5.00 PM), Saturday – Sunday (Closed)
Phone+1 215-957-5222
Email[email protected]  

Sabre Systems, Inc. is a significant company that prioritizes quality and the needs of its clients. It offers creative and long-lasting solutions in cybersecurity, C4ISR, digital transformation, business intelligence, and data analytics. Their multifaceted team of experts offers thorough, affordable, and completely integrated solutions to its customers’ most difficult mission. 

The company’s goal is to provide the federal government, the business sector, and the national defense community with the tools to stay ahead of the competition, repel threats, and quickly adjust to new challenges. Due to its unwavering dedication to quality, devotion, and perfection, Sabre Systems can consistently distinguish itself as a trusted partner to its clients, colleagues, and workforce.

10. Odessa Inc.

Philadelphia Tech Companies: Odessa Inc.  Logo
Odessa Inc. Facebook Post
ServicesBusiness intelligence, finance, leasing, and software
LocationTwo Liberty Place, 50 S 16th St # 1900, Philadelphia, PA 19102
Operation HoursOpens 24 Hours
Phone+1 215-231-9800
Email[email protected]

Odessa, a technological firm with its main office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, specializes solely in the software of the leasing sector. The Odessa Platform provides end-to-end, extendable solutions for lease and loan origination and portfolio administration, powering some of the biggest worldwide companies. 

Odessa helps enterprises connect business and IT goals more successfully by providing a robust feature set that includes low-code development, test automation, reporting, and business intelligence. The company offers cutting-edge solutions that are comprehensive, secure, and expandable to streamline and simplify the most difficult leasing situations.

Elevate Your Business With These Outstanding Philadelphia Tech Companies!

And there you have it, the 10 most reliable tech companies in Philadelphia! These firms have shown to be the best in their field among the many tech corporations in Philly. Thus, if you’re looking to elevate your Philly-based business with the help of technology, these companies should be your go-to.

If you’re a fresh tech talent looking to break into the industry, here’s your chance! Begin your job hunt by looking at these reputable businesses in your area with available openings to expand your career!

If you’re looking for financial advisors in the city, we can certainly assist! 

Check out our article on the 10 Best Philadelphia Financial Advisors For Your Financial Affairs!

FAQs about Philadelphia, PA Tech Companies

What does a tech company do?

In general, tech companies research, develop, and produce technologically-based products and services. They design and produce computers, mobile gadgets, and household appliances, as well as create software.

Does Philadelphia have a tech scene?

Apart from the more concentrated areas like the Bay Area and New York, Philadelphia is one of the areas witnessing widespread tech jobs during the pandemic. A recent Brookings Institution analysis found that between 2020 and 2021, the city’s proportion of the country’s startups increased by 1.7%.

Is Philadelphia an ideal place to start your tech career?

According to a recent CBRE analysis, Philadelphia ranks 22nd among the cities in the US and Canada with the highest tech talent. The city had a surge of 2,710 tech talent jobs in 2021 alone. So, it’s safe to say that Philadelphia is an ideal enough place to begin your journey into the tech industry.

What is a high salary in Philadelphia?

The 25th percentile is $62,815, whereas the 75th percentile is $150,757. Salary levels below this are uncommon.

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