10 Best Law Firms In Baltimore For Trustworthy Legal Aid

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The whole process of finding law firms in Baltimore can be challenging and intimidating. Besides, acquiring a knowledgeable and experienced attorney is important as they can represent you and your case well with no loopholes.

Are you looking for trustworthy law firms in Baltimore? Here are the top ten most reliable law firms in Baltimore for quality legal assistance!

Top 10 Most Reliable Law Firms In Baltimore

1. Saiontz & Kirk, P.A.

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Saiontz & Kirk Yelp post
ServicesAccidents, malpractice, and personal injury
Location3 S Frederick Street, Suite 900, Baltimore, MD 21202, United States
Operation HoursMonday – Friday (8.30 AM – 6.00 PM), Saturday – Sunday (8.00 AM – 6.00 PM)
Phone+1 410-539-6339
Email[email protected]

Saiontz & Kirk, P.A. is a law firm nationally known for personal injury legal assistance. They exclusively only represent individuals, and their focus concerns accidents, personal injury, and malpractice cases.

This firm has over 45 years of experience assisting personal injury cases and clients. They are a contingency fee-based firm with no overhead expenses to hire the law firm. They also offer their clients a free case evaluation where their case will be evaluated to determine if financial compensation may be available.

2. Silverman, Thompson, Slutkin & White

Law Firms in Baltimore: Silverman, Thompson, Slutkin & White logo
Silverman Thompson Slutkin & White Baltimore Fb post
ServicesBankruptcy, administrative law, family law, and real estate
Location400 E Pratt St Suite 900, Baltimore, MD 21202, United States
Operation HoursMonday – Thursday (8.30 AM – 5.30 PM), Friday (8.30 AM – 5.00 PM), Saturday –Sunday (Closed)
Phone+1 410-385-2225
Email[email protected]

Silverman Thompson is a law firm based in Maryland. They serve clients around the Baltimore-Maryland metropolitan area. The firm is widely recognized as a premier law firm for litigations. Additionally, this law firm stands out from the rest because of its team of lawyers from various backgrounds. The team comprises federal prosecutors and even a retired state supreme court judge.

Founded in 1994, this firm focuses on high-stakes civil litigations and high-profile criminal cases. In regards to that, many of their cases have been featured on Discovery Channel, 60 Minutes, and other international media.

3. Cuomo Law Firm

Law Firms in Baltimore: Cuomo Law Firm logo
Cuomo Law Firm website post
ServicesCriminal law, family law, personal injury, and estates
Location323 S Conkling St, Baltimore, MD 21224, United States
Operation HoursMonday – Friday (8.00 AM – 6.00 PM), Saturday (9.00 AM – 2.00 PM), Sunday (Closed)
Phone+1 410-675-7900

Cuomo Law Firm is a boutique law firm specializing in all areas of family law, ranging from alimony to post-divorce modifications. However, their major practice areas are criminal law, personal injury, and estates.

Since its inception almost 30 years ago, the attorneys at Cuomo Law Firm have built a trustworthy relationship with their clients by providing expert legal advice and adequate representation on their behalf. Besides, the attorneys in this law firm provide aggressive criminal defense for clients facing DUI/DWI charges, narcotic offenses, domestic violence, assault, and more.

4. Brown, Goldstein & Levy

Law Firms in Baltimore: Brown, Goldstein & Levy logo
Brown Goldstein & Levy FB post
ServicesFamily law, appeals, commercial litigation, and personal injury/wrongful death
Location 120 E Baltimore Street, Suite 2500, Baltimore, MD 21202, United States
Operation HoursMonday – Friday (9.00 AM – 5.00 PM), Saturday – Sunday (Closed)
Phone+1 410-962-1030

Since 1982, Brown, Goldstein, & Levy law firm has been helping clients in Baltimore with their legal affairs. With their mission to provide only the highest quality of service, they elevate the voice of their clients by fighting for their rights. The firm has many practices that cover various cases, from civil rights to criminal defense and investigations.

Since its establishment, the firm has represented countless clients and cases. Also, the lawyers in the firm have been recognized by the American College of Trial Lawyers, Chambers USA, and Best Lawyers in America. This firm has also been named Maryland’s Pro Bono Firm of the Year by the Maryland State Bar Association. Therefore, they are undoubtedly one of the best law firms in Baltimore.

5. Preller Law Firm, LLC

Law Firms in Baltimore: Preller Law Firm logo
Preller Law Firm FB post
ServicesPersonal injury, medical malpractice, and criminal defense
Location16 S Frederick Street, Baltimore, MD 21202, United States
Operation HoursMonday – Friday (9.00 AM – 5.00 PM), Saturday – Sunday (Closed)
Phone+1 410-539-0042
Email[email protected]

Preller Law Firm is a law firm in Baltimore, Maryland. Their practice includes medical malpractice, personal injury, criminal defense, worker’s compensation, and employment law.

Additionally, their attorneys have a combined 60 years of experience and knowledge in this industry. Preller offers their clients cost-free case evaluations as they believe every case is different. Moreover, they possess advanced and emerging technologies that will aid their client’s legal needs.

6. Hassan, Hassan & Tuchman, PA

Law Firms in Baltimore: Hassan, Hassan & Tuchman, PA logo
Hassan Hassan & Tuchman FB post
ServicesPersonal injury, auto accidents, and medical malpractice
Location1111 Park Ave Suite L-150, Baltimore, MD 21201, United States
Operation HoursMonday – Sunday (Open 24 hours)
Phone+1 410-669-5070
Email[email protected]

Hassan, Hassan & Tuchman, PA is a law firm specializing in personal injuries and auto accidents. Since its establishment in 1975, the firm has assisted and represented numerous clients throughout the region, which includes Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County, Howard County, and more.

Although this law firm specializes in personal injuries and auto accidents, they accept cases concerning slip and fall accidents, nursing home negligence, worker’s compensation, and wrongful death. Their team of attorneys is well-versed in their legal principles and is acquainted with the current laws.

7. Gordon Feinblatt LLC

Law Firms in Baltimore: Gordon Feinblatt LLC logo
Gordon Feinblatt Design Collective post
Services Government relations, real estate, litigation, and healthcare
Location 1001 Fleet Street, Suite 700, Baltimore, MD 21202, United States
Operation HoursMonday – Friday (8.00 AM – 6.00 PM), Saturday (9.00 AM – 2.00 PM), Sunday (Closed)
Phone+1 410-576-4000
Email[email protected]

Based in Baltimore, Maryland, Gordon Feinblatt LLC is one of the highly reputable law firms serving the local community. The firm offers a broad practice area, from bankruptcy & restructuring to trusts & estates.

Furthermore, Gordon Feinblatt LLC is known as a premier law firm. This firm has a strong, skilled team to take on any legal services. In addition, this firm has a good number of lawyers specializing in a broad spectrum of legal aid to cater to their client’s personalized needs. Moreover, their attorneys are known to be among the best state-leading practitioners.

8. The Law Office of Raymond Griffith

Law Firms in Baltimore: The Law Office of Raymond Griffith logo
The Law Office of Raymond Griffith FB post
ServicesPermanent residency, citizenship, and deportation defense
Location 6225 Smith Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21209, United States
Operation HoursMonday – Sunday (Open 24 hours)
Phone+1 402-740-3951
Email[email protected]

This law firm is unlike any other firm. The Law Office Of Raymond Griffith is a firm specializing in immigration law. This firm has established its name by prioritizing its clients and providing top-notch legal services.

This mid-sized close-knit community of attorneys is a group of people of different cultural backgrounds, which explains their ardent passion for helping the community of Baltimore, making them one of the best immigration law firms in Baltimore. Furthermore, their 24-hour availability gives clients peace of mind to know that the firm is available at any time in case of emergencies.

9. LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton, P.A.

Law Firms in Baltimore: Leviness, Tolzman and Hamilton, P.A. logo
LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton Yelp post
ServicesBankruptcy, car accidents, and personal injury
Location400 E Pratt Street, Suite 818, Baltimore, MD 21202, United States
Operation HoursMonday – Sunday (Open 24 hours)
Phone+1 410-727-4991
Email[email protected]

LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton, P.A. is one of Baltimore’s most reputable law firms. The firm specializes in car accident cases and is committed to serving each client ethically while providing excellent service that guarantees the best results.

Besides car accident cases, the firm also provides legal services for medical malpractice, criminal defense, nursing home abuse, and social security disability. Their team of highly knowledgeable attorneys will guide and defend each client’s cases with strong evidence.

10. Hyatt & Goldbloom

Hyatt & Goldbloom logo
Hyatt & Goldbloom website post
ServicesCar accidents, personal injury, and worker’s compensation
Location1 South Street, Suite 1200, Baltimore, MD 21202, United States
Operation HoursMonday – Sunday (Open 24 hours)
Phone+1 410-385-3180
Email[email protected]

Hyatt and Goldbloom is a premier law firm that proudly serves the people of Baltimore with over 30 years of experience. The firm has established its name through its strong dedication to protecting the rights of injured persons. Moreover, the firm aims to secure maximum compensation for its clients.

Additionally, with their dedication to protecting and representing their clients, they have built a strong relationship with them. This personal approach to helping its clients makes Hyatt and Goldbloom a unique law firm that provides a stress-free experience.

Attain Quality Judicial Assistance with These Law Firms In Baltimore!

Finding and selecting the best law firms is challenging. Therefore, we have created this list of law firms in Baltimore. We hope you discover one that best suits your needs. With professional attorneys, you can ensure that you will always get positive and quality results!

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FAQs about Law Firms In Baltimore

Is it better to use a local lawyer?

An attorney who practices within the community is more likely to have more in-depth knowledge of laws in your area. Furthermore, the local lawyer will also have a strong relationship with other attorneys, judges, and prosecutors who will likely be involved in your case.

Is it good to have multiple lawyers?

There is no limit to having lawyers represent your case. However, having only 2 or 3 lawyers represent one client simultaneously is ideal.

How to choose the right lawyer for my case?

The first step in selecting the right lawyer is identifying your legal problem. Then, make sure the attorney you are considering has the right experience in similar cases like yours and is a good communicator with strong work professionalism.

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