Top 15 Moving Companies in the Bronx, NY


Hiring a professional moving company to help with your relocation can result in a stress-free and easy moving experience. Professional movers know how to navigate the roads safely and how to care for your belongings to keep them safe and secure. If you are in need of a professional moving company, don’t fret! Here, we have listed the fifteen best moving companies in the Bronx for your choosing.

15 Best Moving Companies in The Bronx, NY

1. Perfect Moving & Storage

Bronx Moving Companies: Perfect moving & storage logo
Perfect Moving & Storage mover loading furniture in truck
ServicesProfessional moving, full-service storage, moving labor, packing & unpacking, loading & unloading, disassembly & reassembly, installation, crating, moving insurance, supplies, and junk removal
Location1291 Ryawa Ave, The Bronx, NY 10474, United States
Operating hoursMonday – Friday (8.00 AM – 9.30 PM), Saturday – Sunday (8.00 AM – 6.00 PM)
Phone+1 646-585-3852
Email[email protected]

Perfect Moving & Storage is an expert in a wide range of services, including both local and long-distance moves, as well as commercial and residential moves. They are federally licensed to provide everything you need for a seamless interstate relocation, even if you are moving across the country.

To meet these demands, they provide a variety of flexible storage options. Their specialized storage services offer a secure and convenient way to meet your storage requirements. They also provide secure, private storage solutions for any scale of residential or commercial needs.

Your items will remain fully wrapped and packed in their secure storage facility for business storage. Your belongings can be stored in transit for up to 60 days before being transferred to permanent storage.

2. Shleppers Moving & Storage

Bronx Moving Companies: Shleppers Moving & Storage logo
Shleppers Moving & Storage Mover taping up desktop
ServicesEstate moving, senior relocation partners, piano moving & removal, medical, hospital, & lab equipment moving; art, glass, & marble moving; and packing & supply services.
Location434 E 165th St, The Bronx, NY 10456, United States
Operating hoursMonday – Friday (8.00 AM – 9.00 PM), Saturday – Sunday (9.00 AM – 5.00 PM)
Phone+1 212-223-4004
Email[email protected]

With more than 40 years as a moving company, Shleppers Moving & Storage offers a full-time service to customers. They are experienced in dealing with problems that arise before moving day. Their professional movers have a system in place to make sure your things are safe and sound.

All day, every day, the Shleppers team provides long-distance residential and commercial moving services. They will help you plan everything about your move across state lines, including any short-term or long-term storage units you may need.

The Shleppers offers free short-term storage (up to one month) for all long-distance moving jobs and long-term storage arrangements. Also, they offer storage unit facilities; their full storage services are a much safer and more convenient alternative. Shleppers collects your belongings, stores them, and charges you a monthly service fee. Payments can be made via credit card, making storage even more convenient.

3. S&D Moving & Storage

Bronx Moving Companies: S&D Moving & Storage's logo
Items are fully arranged in S&D Moving truck
ServicesLocal moving, long-distance moving, expedited service, and moving supplies
Location1231 Lafayette Ave, The Bronx, NY 10474, United States
Operating hoursMonday – Friday (7.00 AM – 7.00 PM), Saturday – Sunday (9.00 AM – 5.00 PM)
Phone+1 646-484-9880
Email[email protected]

Established in 2009, S&D Moving & Storage specializes in small moves for New Yorkers who want an alternative to big moving companies that tend to charge too much for their service. With their expedited service, local moves can be made on the same day, and long-distance moves can be made in one to three days! Unbelievable, right?

Plus, they also provide moving supplies at an affordable rate, from $3 up to $15 per box. Rest assured that S&D Moving has kits, tapes, and wrapping supplies ready just for you to ease your moving process.

4. Octomovers

Bronx Moving Companies : Shleppers Moving & Storage logo
Octomovers staffs pictured in front of their truck
ServicesLocal moving, commercial moving, long-distance moving, piano moving, speciality moving, storage, and packing
Location175 Walnut Ave #302-C1, The Bronx, NY 10454, United States
Operating hoursMonday – Friday (8.00 AM – 6.00 PM), Saturday – Sunday (9.00 AM – 5.00 PM)
Phone+1 212-328-1176
Email[email protected]

As a full-service moving company in NYC, Octomovers can assist you in having a stress-free move. They are New York City movers known for being the best local moving companies in the city. Rest assured, they have your back whether you’re moving locally, across town, or across the country.

Additionally, their Bronx movers have the experience to handle moves of any size. They have the workforce and know-how to move you from small apartments to large homes quickly and efficiently. Every local move is tailored to their customer’s specific requirements.

Octomovers also offers packing services designed to simplify your move as much as possible. They can pack and unpack your belongings, load and unload your items, and disassemble and reassemble your furniture. Also, they pay for all additional costs, so there are no surprises at the end of the move.

5. FlatRate Moving

Bronx Moving Companies: Flat Rate Moving logo
Flat Rate Moving's Employees Loading Items to truck
ServicesLocal, long distance, and international moving, commercial and office moving, military moving, furniture moving, moving boxes, packing services, piano moving, cross country express, packing supplies, upcycle, and storage moving & delivery
Location27 Bruckner Blvd, The Bronx, NY 10454, United States
Operating hoursMonday – Friday (8.00 AM – 10.00 PM), Saturday – Sunday (9.00 AM – 5.00 PM)
Phone+1 212-988-9292
Email[email protected]

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, FlatRate has been successful enough to gain prominence and earn itself a good image among New Yorkers. As its name suggests, it introduced a revolutionizing all-inclusive flat rate pricing since its day one in the business.

FlatRate strives to provide customers with the best moving experience possible. Its experienced professionals will work closely with you to ensure all your belongings are loaded safely and securely while remaining within the total allowable weight restrictions. The vehicles are meticulously maintained, regularly inspected, and thoroughly cleaned to guarantee a safe and stress-free move.

5. 5 Stars Movers

Bronx Moving Companies: 5 Stars Movers logo
Movers boxing and moving boxes
ServicesLocal and long-distance moving, moving labor, packing and unpacking, and storage
Location1670 Seward Ave, The Bronx, NY 10473, United States
Operation hoursMonday – Sunday (8.00 AM – 10.00 PM)
Phone+1 212-913-0231
Email[email protected]

As one of the Bronx’s professional and famous moving companies, 5 Star Movers LLC will deliver you comprehensive services. The company takes pride in its teams of skilled movers adept at moving and handling all your valuable items safely and in time from one place to another at an affordable price.

Since the company has a professional team of movers, the cost of conducting a long-distance relocation will be lower. Hence, its price for long-distance moving service is relatively lower compared with other moving companies in the Bronx.

6. Ben Hur Moving & Storage

Bronx Moving Companies: Ben Hur Moving & Storage logo
Mover moving item
ServicesLocal moving, commercial and residential moving, self-service moving, storage service, and packing & unpacking
Location327 Walnut Ave, The Bronx, NY 10454, United States
Operation hoursMonday – Saturday (9.00 AM – 6.00 PM), Sunday (9.00 AM – 6.00 PM)
Phone+1 718-742-4444
Email[email protected]

Ben Hur Moving & Storage is a renowned and highly experienced moving company that has provided services to customers in the New York City Metropolitan area, including Long Island, Westchester, and Connecticut, for decades. Their team of professional movers can handle all your residential or commercial relocation needs, no matter how big or small.

Ben Hur Moving & Storage understands that some clients like or prefer to be more involved with the moving process. Therefore, the company also offers self-service moving services as a more flexible and budget-friendly alternative. On your moving day, the company will drive to you the moving truck for you to load all your packed items. Don’t worry. You will still get guidance from the company’s professional team throughout your move.

7. Velocity Moving & Storage

Bronx Moving Companies: Velocity Moving & storage logo
Boxes are placed outside house
ServicesLocal and long-distance moving, auto transport, office movers, residential and commercial relocation, and packing
Location300 Jackson Ave, The Bronx, NY 10454, United States
Operation hoursMonday – Friday (9.00 AM – 6.00 PM), Saturday (9.00 AM – 3.00 PM), Sunday (Closed)
Phone+1 212-666-3030
Email[email protected]

Velocity Moving & Storage is an established and highly-regarded storage and moving company that offers a wealth of services to meet all different types of needs. Its team of professional, licensed movers is extremely experienced in everything from commercial moves to long-distance moves, local moves, storage solutions, and auto transport.

As a renowned commercial mover in the NYC area, they have all the resources to make your relocation process smooth and efficient. With specialized trucks and tools, they can easily handle even complex moves. When you hire the company, you get a certified moving consultant who will take care of your move from start to finish.

8. Blue Moving

Bronx Moving Companies: Blue Moving logo
Movers loading boxes into truck
ServicesLocal and long-distance moving, office moving, fine art moving, and short-term & long-term storage
Location520 Worthen St, The Bronx, NY 10474, United States
Operation hoursMonday – Saturday (8.00 AM – 7.00 PM), Sunday (10.00 AM – 5.00 PM)
Phone+1 212-432-2132
Email[email protected]

Blue Moving’s professional team of movers and consultants will be at your service from the moment you contact and hire them. They will work with you till you are satisfied with the moving process. With years of experience in helping people to move, you can put your confidence in their abilities to move your items.

Aside from moving, Blue Moving’s team of skilled art handlers also has years of experience handling fine art, antiques, and other prized possessions. Their services are tailored to the needs of each customer, and they offer an All-Inclusive Art Service package that covers every aspect of the moving process, from de-installation to custom crating, transportation, and re-installation for art and antique at your new place.

9. Key Moving & Storage

Bronx Moving Companies: Key Moving & storage logo
Key Moving & Storage truck
ServicesLocal & long distance moving, residential and commercial moving, interstate and international moving, packing & unpacking services, junk removal, moving insurance, short term & long-term storage, storage in transit
Location327 Walnut Ave, The Bronx, NY 10454, United States
Operation hoursMonday – Sunday (7.00 AM – 8.00 PM)
Phone+1 718-292-9721
Email[email protected]

Key Moving & Storage is a premier relocation specialist located in the Bronx, New York, with exemplary customer service. They have some of the best and most experienced personnel, utilizing advanced equipment, trucks, and techniques to ensure smooth and seamless moving coordination for each customer to fulfill its commitment to timeliness and flexibility.

Since Key Moving has multiple partners across the country, you can expect a top-tier interstate moving service. Additionally, suppose you have any junk you wish to dispose of. In that case, Key Moving will send its team of professionals to your current home or office and provide you with the necessary equipment and workforce to discard items you no longer need or want. Moreover, you might need storage in your long-distance relocation. Therefore, Key Moving’s storage services will come in handy.

10. Available Movers & Storage

Bronx Moving Companies: Available Movers & Storage logo
Mover packing items
ServicesLocal and long-distance moving, commercial, office, and international moving, and storage services
Location321 Manida St, The Bronx, NY 10474, United States
Operating hoursMonday – Friday (8.00 AM – 6.00 PM), Saturday – Sunday (10.00 AM – 4.00 PM)
Phone+1 718-292-6500
Email[email protected]

As one of the top-rated moving companies in the Bronx, Available Movers & Storage specializes in helping families and businesses relocate to their desired locations, both within the city and beyond. The best part of the deal is that you will receive an all-inclusive rate that will stay the same for as long as your inventory remains the same.

With Available Movers & Storage, you will not have to worry about the potential of your special items being damaged during the move. Its experienced team of movers will use durable material to swathe your items with the utmost care. Moreover, the company also offers all commercial storage units, which provide more privacy than a traditional repository.

11. Divine Moving & Storage NYC

Bronx Moving Companies: Divine Moving & Storage NYC logo
Divine Moving & Storage NYC truck
ServicesLocal, residential, and commercial moving, short-term and long-term storage, and packing & unpacking
Location550 Barry St, The Bronx, NY 10474, United States
Operation hoursMonday – Friday (8,00 AM – 7.00 PM), Saturday – Sunday (10.00 AM – 7.00 PM)
Phone +1 866-668-7666
Email[email protected]

As one of the few Bronx moving companies with years of experience in the industry, Divine Moving & Storage decided to specialize in packing, moving, and providing top-notch storage services, whether long-term or short-term.

Divine Moving’s storage services are perfect for you if you possess expensive furnishings and decor or items with irreplaceable sentimental value. The company invested in inventory storage equipped with advanced technology that allows the monitoring and controlling of the climate with 24-hour on-site security. Your possessions will be guarded and safe under well-maintained conditions

12. Noah’s Ark Moving & Storage

Bronx Moving Companies: Noah's Ark Moving & Storage logo
Noah's Ark Moving & Storage truck
ServicesPacking services, local, long-distance, residential, commercial, corporate, international, fine art, piano, furniture, student, senior citizen, and emergency moving
Location307 Bruckner Blvd, The Bronx, NY 10454, United States
Operation hoursMonday – Saturday (8.00 AM – 6.00 PM), Sunday (Closed)
Phone+1 212-874-1313
Email[email protected]

Noah’s Ark Moving & Storage was founded in 1982 and has provided professional and reliable moving services ever since. They offer various services, including local, long-distance, corporate, commercial, international, and fine art moves. Additionally, it specializes in expert piano moving with humidity control.

The company’s team of professional movers has been rigorously trained and has extensive experience managing different types of relocation. With a focus on seamless transitions, the team’s senior move managers coordinate carefully to craft the move plans, meticulously packing all items securely into clean moving trucks and delivering them with precision to the final destination. Their dedication guarantees your absolute satisfaction every step of the way.

13. Capital City Movers & Storage

Bronx Moving Companies: Capital City Movers & Storage logo
Capital City Movers & Storage truck
ServicesLocal and long-distance moving, residential and commercial moving, packing services, short- & long-term storage, piano moving, international moving, white glove, and handyman services
Location820 E 140th St, The Bronx, NY 10454, United States
Operation hoursMonday – Friday (7.00 AM – 9.00 PM), Saturday – Sunday (9.00 AM – 6.00 PM)
Phone+1 718-619-4881
Email[email protected]

Capital City Movers is a renowned New York City-based moving company providing top-notch services across the country for over two decades. The company boasts an impressive team of knowledgeable, experienced professionals that are well-equipped to make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Moreover, the company has hygienic and fully secured warehouse units to ensure all your items of high value will not be lost or damaged throughout your moving process. In addition, should you need assistance with assembly and disassembly, junk removal, and in-home delivery, you can consider hiring Captial City Movers for its White Glove Services performed by vigorously and specially trained professionals.

13. The Padded Wagon of New York

Bronx Moving Companies: The Padded Wagon logo
Movers loading items into truck
ServicesLocal and long-distance moving, residential and commercial moving, overseas shipping, packing and organizing, packing and custom crafting, arts and antiques moving, hoisting, travel arrangements, private & long-term storage, and custom storage construction
Location163 Exterior Street, The Bronx, NY 10451, United States
Operation hoursMonday – Friday (8.00 AM – 5.00 PM), Saturday – Sunday (Closed)
Phone+1 212-222-4880

The Padded Wagon has an impressive work record achieved by its professional local and long-distance movers and truck drivers, all of whom have undergone vigorous background checks and professional training programs. Don’t worry if you some of your items might not be able to fit through the door of your new home. The team of professional movers has the necessary skills to help you to hoist items through the window or over a balcony.

Aside from its exceptional movers and drivers, the company also has impressive storage services. The company provides custom-made and fully enclosed steel storage to fit all items. As the company also specializes in crating services, your antique, art, or fragile items will be safe during the moving process.

If you are moving overseas, chances are you will have to go through many tedious documents, and some of them are in different languages. With The Padded Wagon, you can discard all those worries as the company will plan out everything from the nuts and bolts of the moving process to the documentation.

14. Brownstone Brothers Moving & Storage

Bronx Moving Companies: Brownstone Brothers Moving & Storage logo
Brownstone Brothers Moving & Storage  truck
ServicesLong-distance and residential moving, packing and unpacking, celebrity moving, fine art moving, and storage services
Location321 Rider Ave, The Bronx, NY 10451, United States
Operating hoursMonday – Friday (10.00 AM – 5.00 PM), Saturday – Sunday (Closed)
Phone+1 718-665-5000
Email[email protected]

Brownstone Brothers Moving & Storage, founded by Bill Gross in the 1970s, began in an apartment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Since then, it has grown to become one of the city’s most respected and reliable moving companies. The company prides itself on providing completely fireproof (not just fire-resistant) storage and special services such as detailed inventorying of deliveries.

What sets Brownstone Brothers Moving & Storage apart from the other moving companies in the Bronx is its dedication to delivering high-end luxury moves. Since its establishment, the company always limits itself to only two or three trucks to channel its focus to one client at a time. The company also pays extra attention to its packaging and unpackaging services. Rest assured that your packed items will be arranged in an organized, secured order with the company’s clever labeling system.

15. La Rosa Del Monte Worldwide Movers

Bronx Moving Companies: La Rosa Del Monte Worldwide Movers logo
La Rosa Del Monte Worldwide Movers brochure
ServicesResidential and commercial moving, packing & unpacking, storage service, fine arts & antiques, military & government services, and vehicles
Location1133-35 Tiffany St, The Bronx, NY 10459, United States
Operating hoursMonday – Friday (8.00 AM – 5.00 PM), Saturday (8.00 AM – 12.00 PM), Sunday (Closed)
Phone+1 718-991-3300
Email[email protected]

La Rosa Del Mote is one of the few moving companies in the Bronx that successfully garners an excellent international reputation. Its 50 years of history of success in the industry are composed of services as simple as small apartment moves to something as high-end as celebrity mansion moves.

Since the company has performed numerous moves for celebrities and famous figures, it would often deal with luxurious, valuable items. Therefore, the company specializes in packing, custom crating, and moving services for valuable items such as fine art, antiquities, exhibitions from galleries, etc.

Make Your Moving Worry-Free with These Reliable Moving Companies in the Bronx!

Hiring a moving company usually results in a much safer moving experience. Professionals know how to move things that you might need help with, such as loading and unloading boxes, packing a lamp the right way, and wrapping your mattress safely. During the move, they will also use the right materials to keep your things from sustaining damage.

Also, hiring a professional mover is better than doing it yourself because you won’t have to do any heavy lifting. It’s important to note that performing heavy lifting without proper training can cause back strain and other health problems. So, we hope this list of the most trustworthy moving companies in the Bronx can help lessen the stress of relocation.

If you are looking for moving companies near the Bronx, you are in luck! Check out our article on Top 15 Moving Companies in Queens, New York.

FAQs about Moving Companies in the Bronx

How much does it cost to move to the Bronx?

It all depends on the moving company. But generally, it costs around $500 on average.

What is a generous tip for movers?

A typical long-distance or local move costs 15 to 20% of the total moving bill.

Is paying a moving company worth it?

Hiring a moving company is worth it for the peace of mind that comes when you know your belongings are being handled and delivered carefully and professionally. Plus, you can get all of that and everything else you will need during a relocation when you hire a full-service moving company. This may include moving labor, boxing and packing supplies, insurance, and much more!

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